By Shailey James 

‘All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents’ – A.P.J Abdul Kalam. 

This quote emphasizes that we all are unique and different therefore we might not have the same talents as our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

In the same way, our children have different abilities and talents. It takes time for one to discover strengths and talents, and educators have a big role to play.

Some of the top schools in Gurgaon provide learners the motivation to learn new things by giving children a  healthy, friendly, and creative environment where learners not only understand the value of education but also identify who they really are and the wonders they can bring to the new world through their skills.

Here are some other qualities that some of the best schools in Gurgaon imbibe in their students in order to unlock their potential for a better future for their emotional,  mental, social as well as physical growth. 

  • Excellent teachers – The foremost quality of a school is the teachers and the management. A teacher does not only play a role in making the children learn the concepts but also creates an effective learning space for the learners. The best schools provide the best teaching staff who make sure that both the parents’ and the learners’ aspirations are fulfilled. They also believe in creating a child-centric curriculum.
  • Classroom Management –  A classroom is a place where students come with the aim of learning and study. According to Ercole (2009), building positive relationships between teachers and students is significant and teachers’ attitudes have an impact on students’ involvement at schools, inevitably leading to academic success. Ercole (2009) also adds that encouraging the students regularly raises their motivation and makes them understand that they are great students, whereas “those who do not receive positive feedback inevitably abandon their motivation to do well” (p. 6). When teachers label the students negatively, it may hurt their confidence and cause damage that might not be compensated.

Discipline is not the main key for an effective classroom. It is only one element of an effective classroom. Great teachers believe in forming friendly relationships with the learners as a fearful teaching and learning environment can lead the learner to take a step back. It is also important to provide one on one sessions to the learners who need emotional, mental and physical support .

  • Student Management – Good teachers need to keep the classes effective and learner-centric, to make sure that all the learners are engaged and involved in the learning process. They try to engage the learners through learning by doing where different problems are posed to the learners for them to come up with solutions. Teaching creatively by interrelating the other subjects can be interesting and can be an aspect of attaining students’ interest and attention. Good teachers plan activities for subjects that help the learners to get into the learning zone.  Just as a good book or film keeps the viewer guessing, similarly a good lesson must not be predictable.   
  • Student Centric – In an ideal classroom the methods the teacher uses to teach should be such that the concept is clear, easy, and understandable.  The well-known schools in New Gurgaon believe in open learning and tap into the interests of the child. They believe that learning is possible through projects and field trips based on the subject and concepts. The well-known schools in New Gurgaon create a motivational as well as fun learning environment for the learners to achieve their goals and desires.
  • Peer Learning – the best schools give learners a space to learn in teams in order to develop collaborative as well as leadership skills. 

Learning is a lifelong process, one can never stop learning until one lives. We need to work on making the learners acquire new knowledge and imbibe core values such as excellence, empathy, collaboration, innovation, and integrity. 

We need to teach learners to be confident for a better future tomorrow. 

‘Education is the Passport for the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ – Malcolm.