By Udita Banerji 

Climate change is a result of human activities which in general are not sustainable and if we continue on the same path, the outcomes will be troublesome for our planet as a whole. A change in tack needs to be adopted which can slow down if not totally arrest this destruction of Mother Nature, which has a cascading effect on the Climate. 

It is not something for which one person or organization can take responsibility but it should be a common endeavor and the responsible Schools in Gurgaon are well within the purview of this responsibility. Top Gurgaon schools will need to share the responsibility and ensure that the coming generations are well-versed with the repercussions of climate change and strive earnestly to pave a path to sustainability.

Schools are the soil from which to grow the seeds of tomorrow’s ideologies. In this playground, I have seen a few ideas emerge. In our school learners of grade 2 started a drive towards responsible consumption and production by collecting plastic packaging material to convert them into bricks for house construction which will reduce the plastic waste present in our surroundings and provide a viable solution to reuse the waste in an effective manner. Grade 10 learners created a project on consumer awareness based on minimalism, which showcased how consumerism is leading to overdose and excesses; a sure path to unsustainability. Grade 7 learners researched the water cycle and tried to find solutions for sustainable water usage. 

The impacts of climate change include rising temperatures, rising sea levels, extreme weather, and much more. These can be reversed if the ideas of these young learners are nurtured to take shape and consolidate. CBSE Schools in Gurgaon are reinventing themselves and providing a creative learning environment where an out-of-the-box approach is appreciated and encouraged. 

More can be done to make this transition move faster and stronger. Space for practical implementation of the ideas of our young learners will further fertilize the thought process and pave the way for the emergence of a sustainable future. Let’s all join together in rectifying the previous mistakes and put our planet Earth on the road to recovery with our young generations – our future leaders. Schools are laboratories for these types of experiments to bring about sustainability. The outcome will be a sure-shot success for life to not only continue but also flourish.