By Megha Roy

The term globalization generally refers to the interdependence of trade, commerce, science, economy, and culture of one part of the world with the other. However, globalization is not a matter of ‘today’, it started with Columbus’s voyage to the ‘New World’ in 1492. But then, the impact of globalization has been felt most since the previous century in every sector, especially education. The best schools in Gurgaon have benefited from positive aspects of globalization as access to technology and international ideas have made the students global citizens today. 

When Western education was first introduced in India by Lord Macaulay way back in 1813 it brought with it knowledge about the world around us for the first time. That was the first impact of globalization on the Indian education system and since then the process has been continuing. ‘Kupamanduka’ is a Sanskrit phrase for the frog in the well that imagines the well, its home, to be the whole world and, therefore, becomes pompous. Globalization has saved us from being that ‘Kupamanduka’.

Today due to globalization we are more technologically literate, the doors of foreign colleges and universities are open for us and we enjoy the fruits of foreign investments in the education sector. Today we even have the option of computer-mediated technologies to deliver courses to students who do not have the means but yearn to benefit from the advanced education system of foreign countries. With the breaking of barriers today our learners are a lot more aware of the world around us than their counterparts were 50 years back. 

However, globalization should enable India to give back to the world in terms of academics too. There was a time when students from all over the world visited our ancient universities of Taxila and Nalanda to gain knowledge. To be the best school in Gurgaon, the school should have the infrastructure and amenities needed to make a student a global citizen, equipped with 21st-Century skills. The school should not just be a platform for creating knowledge but should also help the students to think critically, collaborate, and communicate effectively. Also, we should be able to impart world-class education to not just our students but also to students outside our Country.

Vega Schools’ are the only North Indian schools to be a part of the GSA (Global Schools Alliance), an exclusive alliance of some of the most progressive schools in the world.