By Vega Schools

The “new normal” has become one of the most commonly used phrases in the post-COVID era. The pandemic revolutionized almost all aspects of our day-to-day life and we were forced to change how we conducted the most basic of our activities.

One thing that witnessed the most significant change was the way students attended classes. As going to school became next to impossible, students started attending online classes. While senior students were quick to adapt to this change, online pre schooling was a bit of a challenge for young learners, taking the first step of their academic journey.

But as time passed, this somewhat “forced” change ultimately turned out to have some major advantages.

Let’s take a look at a few of these advantages followed by some disadvantages of online pre-schooling.

Advantages of Online Pre Schooling

1. Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

One of the most prevalent advantages of online pre schooling is that students can learn at their own pace. This is because students don’t hesitate in asking questions in an online environment and can easily clear their doubts.

This helps them clear out their concepts in real-time and prevent any confusion in the future. This kind of active participation from such a young age get students in the habit of being active in class and they continue to do this even as they attend school in a physical setting.

2. Students Become Tech Savvy

Being tech-savvy is one of the biggest pre-requisites to enter any industry. Online pre schooling allows students to learn about responsible handling of electronic gadgets from a very young age. This also introduces them to some productive things to do online and let them explore digital platforms in a controlled environment.

3. Online Pre Schooling Encourages Healthy Competition

Online pre schooling allows students to engage in healthy competition. This is one of the best ways to enhance self-confidence and allow them to open up to their peers and teachers. This is also important for students to push themselves to give their best to every project they pick up. Encouraging healthy competition in children from a young age allows them to grow up as ambitious young adults who don’t shy away from challenges.

Disadvantages of Online Pre Schooling

1. Increased Screen Time

While it’s true that it’s important to make students tech-savvy, online pre schooling also increases screen time. However, this problem can be easily tackled by parents by reducing the unproductive use of screens. For instance, instead of allowing your child to watch television for hours at a stretch, help them develop a habit of reading.

2. Lacks the Emotional Factor

Online pre schooling definitely lacks the emotional factor. Students aren’t able to make true bonds from behind the screen. But parents can help students tackle this problem by providing them with a channel for their emotional energy. In addition, schools also organize informal circle times for students to connect on an emotional level. These casual interactions go a long way in bolstering stronger relationships and encouraging emotional bonds.

While online pre schooling might have a few drawbacks, they fall short when compared to the advantages. Vega School offers well-planned online classes to their students and helps them prepare for an offline schooling environment in the future. We are one of the top schools in Gurgaon and we’re continuing the provide the same quality of education that we’re known for, even in the online setting. Explore our website to know more about our education philosophy and techniques.