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A child is a flower that grows with the gentle care and love of parents. The parents are always concerned with the upbringing and education of their children. The first institute of a child is home and the second is the school – both play an important role in the child’s development.

The nursery school is the foundation for the growth of toddlers therefore the parents are rightfully concerned about selecting nursery schools to provide the best launchpad to their toddlers. Schools in Gurgaon provide learning facilities to the children to make their learning experience wholesome and enjoyable.

The right time to look for a school

As a parent myself, I suggest that the right time for looking for a school is when the child turns 2 years old. At this age, a child starts exploring the surrounding environment and develops fine and gross motor skills. The child takes an interest in playing with other children and exponential mental and emotional growth begins at this age. The Best schools in Gurgaon set an entry age criteria which defines that the children below two years will not be eligible for school admission.

Understand the method of teaching in school

Are the kids happy going to school?

Before going for admission to a school the parents must gain enough information about the method of teaching at the desired school. As this is a sensitive phase of a toddler’s life, a school must have teaching methods that can grow an interest in learning and do not create pressure on the children.

Top Gurgaon Schools apply a variety of teaching techniques and methods. They teach children sound and recognition, emphasise on reading and writing, develop good values and behaviour, and offer fun extracurricular activities such as drawing, singing and dancing. These schools enable learning through props, games and digital technology that help the children explore happy and fun learning.

The parents must find out if the children are happy going to school. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It is very relevant in the case of a child’s growth. A school that emphasises only academicis never a good choice because the child may not be happy. Besides, the parents must be sure that the teachers are warm and friendly as they interact with the toddlers.

Ask the school to connect you with existing parents

The parents must ask the school to connect them with the existing parents to get an authentic idea about the learning process. Top schools in Gurgaon will ordinarily allow prospective parents on the school premises, especially at important academic events so that they can meet the existing parents and learn about the school first hand, and from the most reliable sources.

Meet the principal and important staff members

The principal of a good school should always be on his feet, especially as the teachers conduct classes. Other key staff members should be trained to deliver the highest standards of maintenance, hygiene, security, food quality and transport. The sincerity and ability of the principal, coordinators and teachers matter the most for the school to secure your children’s education, growth and happiness.

Safety is extremely important, parents should ensure that the members provide enough security to the children by a well equipped infirmary, CCTV, GPS in buses and proper security in classrooms, playgrounds, bathrooms and other areas of the school premises.  

How well does the teacher understand the child?

Before admitting children to a nursery school, make sure the teachers understand the children and their needs. A kind and well trained teacher with a caring nature will understand your child just like you do. An insensitive or ill trained teacher may not be able to deal with the child’s needs.

Is the school preparing children for external competitions?

The parents must enquire if the school prepares the children for external competitions such as reciting, drawing, singing, dancing and indoor and outdoor games. Good schools believe that children should be prepared to compete with other schools’ students so that they are adequately prepared to deal with real world challenges later in their lives. Competitions hone their talents and improve their communication skills. Healthy competition enhances children’s interest, boosts their confidence and helps them adopt new skills.

Visit the school before making a final decision

Parents must visit the schools they have opted for their kids’ admission to before making the final decision. Visiting different schools will help parents select the best one that can help their kids learn and grow happily. The best schools believe that education will be fruitful when the children love their teacher and enjoy their learning. Ethics and values are extremely important. A good school must have defined core values that the faculty and learners are expected to strongly live by.

As a parent, I would suggest that parents admit their toddlers in a nursery school that ensures a happy and safe learning experience. The first educational institute is the base that will shape your child’s knowledge, intelligence and skills. It is also responsible for inculcating ethics, values and morals. After all, humanity and kindness are among the most important things we want to see in our child.

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