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In our previous blog, we discussed, how do we incorporate a routine during this lockdown phase? Tips for parents and children to create that perfect routine. Please click here to read, if you missed reading it.

It’s 7 am, the meeting has been scheduled sharp for 8 am, but alas!! you woke up late, and now you have to quickly prepare breakfast, wake up the children, dress them, feed them and help them get ready for their online classes. In a hurry, you drizzle extra salt on the egg, and by the time you log in to zoom, you realize that you missed editing the presentation nor was your child?s task uploaded on Padlet.! Pretty messed up, huh!!

?Answer to chaos & mess is –  ROUTINE?.

It is no fun watching our children loitering around in their pajamas, munching on something every 15 mins while continuously looking at the screen??? sometimes excessive casualness isn?t very cool!!

A schedule can be a  family’s best ally during the coronavirus lockdown because children thrive on structure.

Being under lockdown has definitely brought forth a different set of challenges especially with children, their online classes, parents? work from home, and no help. It is, therefore, more important than ever to be organized and add structure and routine to the day, otherwise everything piles up and everyone ends up frustrated.

Well, the truth is, most of us were operating around a routine before this pandemic hit us. With office and school, both parents and children had a scheduled life. Even after office hours and school timing,  we had our extra classes, fixed study timing, fixed mealtime, and back to bed on time because of the next day?s routine. Thus our weekends felt freer. Our children were also used to having a structure to their day and were not used to occupying themselves for hours on end without it.

But in lockdown, everything?s changed, and rather than relying on timetables or school bells to keep our routine in check, we are left to ourselves. The most exhausting part for parents was supervising their children?s teaching and learning for prolonged hours ?an added responsibility.

Creating a schedule for the family can be a way to regain, even in a small way, a sense of order and normalcy and a feeling of being in control

So, why do we need a schedule during this isolation, all the very more?

  • Our children have a lot of unstructured time now, we need to know what to do with this time and be productive.
  • We don?t want to go towards the ?no-work-all-play? direction.
  • A routine will help us have a consistent mealtime, failing which may lead to fluctuation in our overall metabolism.
  • We want our ?work-from-home?

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