By Alngkrita Gogoi  

Factors to consider while Changing Your Child’s School

The kind of schooling we get stays with us lifelong, not just in terms of its academic value but also in terms of life experience. Some of our best memories in life consist of our school days. We all like to reminisce about those days any chance we get. We always think back to those times fondly because back then, we learned and we had a good time.

In the context of that, it is of utmost importance that we choose only the best school for our children. Because what and how they will learn will shape them into the kind of person they will become.

In my opinion, Education is one of the biggest responsibilities of a parent towards their child. It plays an important role in determining where a child will stand in life. And here, by education, we do not only mean the ABCs and the 123s – in other words, the academic part. We mean education in all aspects of life – social values, moral values, skills, and so on and so forth. Thus, it is only right that we choose a school that caters to all the developmental needs of a child, even if it means switching schools.

Below are a few pointers that would be helpful when deciding to change schools for your child:

1. What’s in the curriculum?

We choose to change because we want to be better. Similarly, while changing schools, it is important to look at a curriculum that’s better. A curriculum that pays attention to the practical application along with theoretical knowledge, various co-curricular activities for varied interests of children along with building essential skills for the future.

2. Safety comes first

It is essential to ensure that the infrastructure of a school is secure and proper safety measures are in place since children spend a good amount of hours there. The fact that children are continuously monitored and are in the care of good hands is reassuring. The top Gurgaon schools are generally adequately secure.

3. Technology, you said?

This would mean digital resources, for enhancing the quality of education. The inclusion of multimedia and gamified learning has proven to be very helpful in fostering children’s imagination. The Best schools in Gurgaon use various digital resources to deliver quality education.

4. Where is it?

It is considered to be in a child’s best interest if the school is nearby. Research shows commuting to a faraway school becomes very taxing for a child, hence, choosing a location at a convenient distance is advised.

5. Parental Suggestions

Who else to trust than other fellow parents who have a child enrolled in the school? While these suggestions are a highly variable source, a good word or an honest opinion regarding the school would go a long way in making the decision easier.

Whether changing schools or choosing one for the first time, these factors are some of the foremost to keep in mind.