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Confidence is self-belief

Confidence is a belief in oneself that you can achieve or perform some task or activity with a predetermined level of success. You cannot give someone confidence, but you can create conditions that will help him or her build their confidence. Adolescence is a difficult time in an individual’s development, it is a time where one is questioning their skills, and abilities and also questions their beliefs and values. It is a natural part of the development process for adulthood.

Confidence develops when success is achieved beyond your comfort zone

Confidence is developed when an individual stretch him or herself beyond their comfort zone and achieves a level of success that was thought to be out of their reach. Top Ranked Schools in Gurgaon, especially progressive ones, will create learning experiences where senior-level students are challenged in new and different ways. Because teachers know their students they know each child’s comfort zone and therefore are able to create experiences that help build confidence.

Encourage and persevere

Sometimes these experiences will result in initial failure, but with encouragement and perseverance the adolescent eventually experiences success contributing to building their confidence. When this is repeated over and over again the student gains more and more confidence in his or her abilities and skills and is more willing to stretch themselves even further. Senior grade teachers in a top-ranked school in Gurgaon would be specially trained to observe the students and provide the required support.

Do not give false confidence

On the flipside, creating simple tasks or experiences that are too easy for the student to achieve only gives them a false sense of confidence and in the long run, does more damage. Creating conditions where the students become overconfident can have a negative return.

Confidence building should begin as early as in pre-nursery and nursery schools in Gurgaon. Top nursery schools in Gurgaon should focus on the development of emotional skills and continue through primary school. Special attention is to be given when children reach the adolescent stage.

Right balance between confidence and humility

Trained educators in a Top Gurgaon Schools should ensure the right balance of confidence and humility is essential for becoming a well-rounded individual.