By Daniel Curry 

The last few years of pandemic have left us rethinking technology and how it can be used. It has challenged some previous assumptions about remote working and learning. Schools and companies got creative with technology in order to meet the mission. Now that most of us have returned to offline work, we can look back and measure the pros and cons. The best schools in Gurgaon are now physically open. 

Physical interaction develops future-ready skills

When it comes to school, it is clear that physical attendance in a day school is preferable. School is so much more than students getting maths fundamentals or memorizing spelling words. So much of how we learn as social beings is through collaboration and interaction with others. Students in top schools in Gurgaon are working on future-ready skills, not low-level memorization of facts. This means they need to physically interact with others as they work to solve problems. They develop empathy, negotiation skills, critical thinking, and more as they apply their knowledge to real-world situations. 

Homeschooling and online schooling do not build social skills

There is a long history of home-schooling in many countries. In the US, I taught high school. Some home-schooled students would join the school in high school when the subjects became too difficult for the parents to teach. I could pick out a home-schooled student in minutes. They lacked the social skills to settle in, work collaboratively, and have empathy for those with different backgrounds or beliefs. While they had good academic knowledge, it was of little use since no one works in a vacuum. They struggled to make friends and feel comfortable.

Isolation in hybrid learning is not helpful

Children need to go to physical schools to make up for the learning loss

The best schools in Gurgaon have fully committed to physical school because of the obvious benefits. The idea of hybrid (partially online, partially offline) as a standard operating practice is not effective. Students get the most benefit from learning with and from each other. As parents, we know our opinions and wisdom will (at points in time) be less important than those of peers and teachers. This is part of growing up and developing their sense of individuality. It can’t be done from the isolation of one’s room connected through a laptop.

Many studies have been conducted recently and show that the years of pandemic have resulted in both academic loss and increases in mental health issues (depression, lack of confidence, fear of going out, etc.) 

These are real effects and will take years to sort out. It is critical that students are introduced immediately back into day schools to minimize that impact. Some parents are still working from home, and don’t feel the need to have their child return to day school. There are existing online options for schools in India and abroad. 

Online/Hybrid can be the last resorts

Physical school leads to all-round development

Sending a child to a top-ranked school in Gurgaon will ensure holistic development and personal growth beyond academics. It gives the best advantage for a successful future in whatever field they choose. They become well-rounded, empathetic team players who become natural leaders. Let’s give them the best chance to develop into the best version of themselves. The top 10 schools in Gurgaon, especially the progressive ones, create lots of opportunities for children to learn by doing so that they become well rounded. 

The use of the online option makes sense when there are no better options available. For example, if the family lives in remote areas, or they move every few months for work. Sometimes a family will move internationally and won’t have an option in their native language. Additionally, online is an effective way to continue education when schools close due to bad weather or other external circumstances.