By Daniel Curry 

How do develop good values in children?

I’m sure you’ve heard that children are like sponges – soaking up everything around them. They see and hear far more than we as parents sometimes wish! They will pick up the values and beliefs they experience day to day (positive or negative). As parents and as schools, we need to be thoughtful and purposeful in developing value systems in our youth.

Socio emotional development

The best schools in Gurgaon should focus on socio-emotional development alongside academics. In fact, through approaches like PBL – Problem-Based Learning, students are naturally exposed to and work within a particular set of values. In this approach, students work together to solve problems. They collaborate and share ideas. They focus on real world issues affecting their communities and larger world.


Collaboration results in respect for others. Students learn to listen and value others as they also develop their own voice. They learn to negotiate respectfully as everyone shares their ideas and thoughts. The creativity and specific strengths of others becomes valued as a benefit to the entire group. Regardless of gender, caste or religion, students work together as a team rather than as competitors.


Empathy emerges when trained teachers and counsellors guide students through conversations around sharing, conflict resolution, and more. It can’t be left to chance. Discussing the reasons behind our emotions, seeing others as having value, and putting ourselves in their shoes are specific methods of building empathy. Additionally, when real-world issues like discrimination or endangered species are the focus of the Problem-Based Learning, students develop a sense of responsibility and empathy for the larger issues around them.


Integrity is critical in an academic setting. Beyond just enforcing academic integrity is actually teaching students why it is important. Through counselling and classroom discussions, students engage in their own discovery and understanding. This has greater results than just a teacher telling students what values they should reflect. We want students to internalise a sense of integrity for their own personal growth in life. Again, the best schools in Gurgaon will explicitly focus on developing values like this rather than leaving them to chance. We want to develop life-long learners who are contributing members of society.


Traditional schools miss out on developing creativity and innovation. In Problem-Based Learning schools, innovation is encouraged and celebrated. The whole system should reward innovation – from teachers who develop creative lessons to students who come up with new and interesting solutions. Creative thinking can be allowed to flourish in children, or it can be stamped out. In life, there is no one right answer for everything we face. By growing up in a school system that solicits innovative ideas, students become out of the box thinkers who are ready for any challenge later in life.


All of these lead to excellence of character and excellence in academic outcomes. Students are internally motivated to do their best for all the right reasons. They have developed skills over their years in a progressive school that their peers in other settings don’t have. They are confident young people who know themselves and have a clear vision for the future. They care for their communities, nation and world and are motivated to make a difference for the better.

Children will develop values and character no matter what; you are encouraged to place your child in a school that will actively develop positive values as part of the academic environment.

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