By Iqbal Kaur

Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world.: Nelson Mandela

Knowledge gives you power but the character gets you respect.

A good school is well known for the holistic development of children of all abilities. It is for the Top 10 schools in Gurgaon to emphasize this critical area. The curriculum is the same but what makes a school unique is the growth mindset, openness, confidence, open-mindedness, curious and respectful teachers, as well as students.

A good school provides ample opportunities for learners from a young age to develop their personalities. Traits like confidence, self-esteem, the ability to perceive, respectfulness, and good behavior can be instilled in children from a very young age.

Children right from the pre-nursery level need to get numerous opportunities to enhance and learn the skills of patience by waiting for their turn, following rules by setting behavior expectations and classroom norms, presentation skills by participating in Show and tell, and listening &  speaking through presentation skills. They need to be motivated and appreciated for every little effort they make and every little step they take.

Here are some important areas for the overall development of a child:

Confidence: To boost the confidence of the learners, we organize and conduct events throughout the year. The Events like Show and Tell, regular in-house assembly wherein any one class leads the assembly and represents in front of the entire cohort once a week. Each and every child prepares and enhances his/her presentation skills. It not only helps the child gain knowledge but also boosts the child’s confidence.

Skill-based activities and events: To be one of the best schools in Gurgaon, a school needs to focus on learning by doing. It needs to create an environment for students of all ages where they feel loved and valued. So that they themselves take the initiative to participate in events in which they not only learn but also develop their skills. Maths-o-mania; maths and art, maths, and fashion, puzzle-o-mania, Spell-a-thon, a science fair for students of all ages, and show and tell are a few examples of the activities that, as educators, we believe in.  These activities help our students learn curricular along with extra co-curricular activities. The inter-school conclaves provide other opportunities to collaborate, adapt, and build consensus with humility.

Student-Led Conferences and Exhibitions:  The traits like leadership, conflict resolution, ideation, innovation, empathy, and teamwork are instilled from a very young age. Through Student-led conferences, the students get an opportunity to present their learning, self-reflection, and take ownership and be accountable for their actions and plans. Projects are taken up by the learners wherein they use their voice and choice, use their decision-making and problem-solving skills by selecting the project’s name, planning for the learning inquiries/ journey, innovating the end products, leading, and presenting.  Students also become kind and specific while critiquing, and also give and take suggestions and feedback positively.

A good School is an educational institution where knowledge is acquired and given, characters are built.  Where the way of expression and the freedom for the same is taught through art, language, theatre, dance, and music. Life skills, socio-emotional, physical, communication, patience, empathy, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills are enhanced.