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Learning can be fun. Children can have fun and learn in the process. With vacations coming up, children look forward to free play, sports, movies, and yes, lots of screen time. In balance, all these activities are perfectly fine. Parents can also introduce their children to other fun activities that will keep their children both sharp and happy. Most importantly, these activities will prepare children for school after vacation.


Reading develops creativity and vocabulary. It improves confidence and communication skills. The right kind of books also contain powerful messages and have wonderful values embedded in them. They are also a subject for wonderful conversations between parents and children.

Top 10 children’s books to read

1.Goodnight Moon (0-3 years)- by Margaret Wise Brown

2.The very hungry caterpillar (0-4 years)-By Eric Carle

3.The famous smile (3-5 years)- By Geeta Dharmarajan

4.Annual Haircut day (3-5 years)_By Rohini Nilekani

5.The cat in the hat (3-8 years)-By Dr. Seuss

6.Grandma’s bag of stories (5-8 years)_By Sudha Murty

7.Tigers for dinner (8-10 years)_By Jim Corbett’s Khansama

8.Charlie and the chocolate factory (8-10 years)_By Roald Dahl

9.Little women (9-12 years)_By Louisa May Alcott

10.Harry Potter Series (8-14 years)_By J K Rowling

Family films with values

There are some wonderful films that families can watch together. Children will not only find them enjoyable but they will also learn good values such as friendship, loyalty, inner strength, grit, confidence, empathy and compassion.

Top 10 family films to watch

1.Taare Zameen par

2.Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

3.Life of Pi


5.The pursuit of happiness

6.The Lion King

7.The blind side

8.The Karate Kid


10.Secret Superstar

Documentary films

Our world is a beautiful place, its nature, the wildlife, the sky, they all are engaging ways for us to learn and to develop respect for our planet and for its place in the universe. This knowledge creates sensitivity in children so they grow into more concerned citizens. These award winning documentaries are lots of fun and also highly informative.

Top 5 documentary films to enjoy

1.Planet earth

2.Our Great National Parks

3.Our planet

4.Neil deGrasse Cosmos

5.My Octopus teacher

Board games

We all grew up playing board games which helped enhance our focus and develop our skills. They also helped us bond as a family. In a world where devices are addictive and available everywhere there is no better way to slow down and to have some good old fashioned fun.

Top 5 board games to play






Musical instruments

Musical instruments are fun to learn. They also develop parts of our brain that conventional education does not. Music helps us connect with others and also helps develop confidence.

Top 5 musical instruments easier (and convenient) to learn






Educational video games

Video games are usually considered to be violent and addictive. However there are games that children can play safely and also learn from. Depending on the age, parents can safely introduce some of these games to their children.

Top 5 educational video games to play

1.Cities skylines




5.Animal Jam Classic

Brain teasers and activities

As children we loved brain teasers and activities that challenged us in funny, new and different ways. We loved solving a puzzle and challenging our parents, siblings or friends with it. Here go lots of fun brain teasers and puzzles.

Top 5 brain teasers and activities to try

The above list has been carefully curated by the Team at Vega Schools in Gurgaon. We hope that with these recommended activities, children can have lots of safe fun, learn a lot and spend valuable time with their friends and families. They will remain sharp and also be prepared for lots of more fun learning once their school resumes after vacation.

Wish you and your family an enjoyable vacation! 

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