By Vega Schools’

It is true that when it comes to education, parents want what is best for their children. This is because education is one of the most essential steps in building a child’s future and helping him achieve his goals. Not only does education help a child theoretically, but it also helps the child with social and emotional skills and enables him to deal with the world outside school, personal growth, build a career, and have a stable future.

Vega School is a top middle school in Gurgaon that provides ideal schooling as well as a wholesome environment for students to grow and nurture. Let us see what makes Vega School one of the top middle schools in Gurgaon.

Here’s What Makes Vega School One of the Top Middle Schools in Gurgaon

1. Open and Quiet Classrooms 

Vega school is the top middle school in Gurgaon which provides open and quiet classrooms for its students. Peaceful surroundings and open areas can reinforce attention and discipline amongst students making it easier for them to focus on learning.

2. Health and Safety 

Vega School prioritizes the health and safety of its students and staff. We majorly focus on providing a balanced and nutritious diet to our students as well as sanitized surroundings. In addition, we focus on providing the best mental health facilities to our students through counseling.

Vega School has furthermore installed an air filtration system for pure air for the wellbeing of our students. Focusing on nutrition, we provide freshly made food for students and children from our hygienic kitchen. This is what makes us one of the top middle schools in Gurgaon.

3. People and Lifestyle 

The critical factor affecting a student’s education is the people surrounding them in school. Vega School is a top middle school that offers highly qualified and supportive teachers( Learning Leaders) for our students. The staff motivates the students to face their fears, focuses on their growth, teaches them how to face failures, and bolsters overall development.

We at Vega School have a motto that is to have continuous improvement and believe in problem-based learning. Therefore, various prominent people such as world-renowned PBL expert, Dr. Steven Edwards and various educational experts such as Andy Raymer, David Price, etc., frequently visit the school. 

4. Empathy And Integrity 

Vega School firmly believes in empathy, i.e., the ability to keep oneself in other people’s shoes, including their peers. We also believe in having integrity, i.e., the ability to have transparency with yourself and others. 

5. Future Ready 

Vega School is the top middle school that is for sure ready for the future. Vega School believes in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) teaching to their students, preparing them for the future. 

6. Values

Vega School is a top middle school that strongly believes in values and ethics. We help the child develop problem-solving, emotional, and social skills. We also ensure that each student’s discipline and ethics are properly taught, such as social and democratic values, sensitivity towards other people and their environment, etc.  

7. Advanced Technology

With the coronavirus unguardedly knocking on our doors, everything is now online and dependent on technology. Moreover, it has become crucial for everyone, especially students, to stay updated in terms of new technology in today’s time. Keeping this in mind, we at Vega School have advanced and high-end technology for our students. 


Vega school is the top middle school for children in terms of education, extra-curricular activities, values, nutrition, etc. For more information, visit Vega school’s official website.

Every Child at Vega School learns through PBL( Problem Based Learning) which according to ASCD, USA(The Association of Supervision &Curriculum Development ), is a modern learning system that brings Experiential Learning, Inquiry Based learning, and Project Based Learning, thus making it very effective and robust.