What kind of emotional counselling do you provide as my child has personality development issues or (any) behavioural issues? 13 May 2022 Daniel Curry, Director & Principal, Vega Schools

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After a solid two years of pandemic, many parents are concerned about the social-emotional development of their children. Exposure to other children has been limited, students have been isolated online for studies, and fear of Covid exposure continues to impact the community. Especially during the transition back to physical school, many students may need additional support and care.

Bridging the post pandemic social emotional skills gap

Meeting the social-emotional needs of our students is a priority for us. In order to bridge the large social emotional gap as a result of the pandemic schools have to go beyond merely academics as we seek to develop the whole child in becoming the best version of themselves. The top schools in Gurgaon usually have counselors on staff who are available for a number of reasons. We take social emotional development very seriously.

Connect time and circle time

Each section has a circle time/connect time that provides a space for students to talk about issues important to them and collaboratively find solutions. Our teachers are specially trained to guide students through various topics, some given by students and some by the teachers. This is a daily focus on well-being and emotional health.

One on one counseling

We also provide counseling one-on-one as needed. A parent may request counseling intervention for issues they are seeing at home. The counselors connect with the parents to understand the background and any contributing factors. The one-on-one sessions are as frequent and last as long as needed to support the student.

Observation and specialised counseling

Additionally, a teacher may observe issues and will then suggest counseling to both the parents and to the counselor. This is always in consultation with the parents as we seek to team together for the best possible outcome. Our counselors are highly qualified and have experience in a variety of approaches.

Expression of emotions and concerns

Sometimes small group counseling is offered to address ad hoc concerns with groups of students. At every stage, students are provided the opportunity to use their voice and discuss their concerns with other students under the supervision and guidance of the counselor. Many emotional issues are common as students grow and develop.

Encouraging parents to share concerns

We encourage parents to share any concerns about their child with the school so an appropriate plan can be put in place. In cases of diagnosed issues, a Special Educational Needs (SEN) team is available to provide a significant amount of support in our inclusive system. This SEN team also provides training and instructional strategies to our mainstream teachers on how to address various behavioral, emotional and cognitive issues. This includes occupational therapy, one-on-one support from SEN teachers, and additional counseling.

Even in grades such as pre nursery, nursery school and kindergarten, children develop their voice and share in circle time. This becomes a part of the day, and establishes a good habit and foundation for self-reflection, emotional awareness, and appropriate strategies for interpersonal relationships.  These important life skills continue to be embedded in our system, and provide much-needed support as students grow into an unknown future.

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