Importance of Structure in a Child's Life 05 May 2020

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We are living in challenging times; the global pandemic has had a significant impact on all of us and on all aspects of life.  Day-to-day routines that we once took for granted have now been disrupted and we have had to adapt to a ?new normal?. This change came very suddenly, creating a shift that happened overnight.  As challenging as this is for adults, consider the impact this is having on our children.  We all have routines and patterns that we follow most days, and when those routines are disrupted we have to make adjustments. As adults, most of us can do this with minimal stress because we have had prior experience with disruptions to our routines.  For children, however, this is not the case.  

The Importance of Routines

For children, a routine gives them a way to order and organize their lives (, 2013). Children like to know ?what is coming next;? it lets them know what the immediate future looks like and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

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