The Lost Trait of Empathy: The role of Empathy in shaping Future Leaders 14 Jan 2020

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Empathy is the ability to put one?s self in the shoes of another. Most of the problems in the world are caused when people do not care for each other, and cannot see the other?s point of view. The inability to see things from others? perspectives creates unending cause and effect cycles of negativity and resentment and often leads to rivalries and wars.


Compassion and kindness are close cousins of empathy. Together these are the most important human values that create unity and preserve positivity. Since the beginning of time, great leaders, spiritual masters, and philosophers alike have underscored the importance of imbibing these values in children.


Empathy also helps an individual emerge as a responsible and helpful community member and leader.


Young children who are empathetic make friends easily and are less likely to resort to bullying and other unhealthy behaviors. Empathy leads to stronger friendships and relationships and is an essential ingredient for real collaboration. Empathy helps learners to work well with others, leads to increased morale and motivation, making learners far more productive and happy.


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