Sure-Fire Ways to Make Kids Take Interest in Learning

Alangkrita Gogoi

Alangkrita Gogoi, Vega Schools

Sure-Fire Ways to Make Kids Take Interest in Learning

What comes to our mind instantly when we hear the word ‘Learning’? I would say ‘books’, ‘notes’, ‘school’, ‘classroom’, ‘exams’ are some of the common answers. I would also go on a tangent to say that learning is something which most of us associate with not so positive thoughts. Our aim here, however, is not to get into the why of the previous sentence but rather to present a different perspective altogether. That is, yes, learning can be fun.

Learning, I believe, is a process that goes on for our entire lives. It starts from a very early age and formally begins at school. But it doesn’t always have to be about books, classrooms, exams…and the list goes on. It can be made into a super fun process for a child if the correct ways are deployed right from the early years. You would find that some of the best schools in Gurgaon believe that learning is not limited to classrooms. Yes, classroom learning is the primary source for a child but various aspects of child’s growth like intellectual, social etc. extend outside the classroom.

So, here are 5 sure-fire ways of getting your child interested in learning. Some of these are prevalent at the top Gurgaon schools:

1. Inculcate a Reading Habit
Reading as a habit sets the foundation for the love of learning. It does not have to be knowledgeable books only. Let the habit start with reading story books of their choice every day and once it becomes a habit, children automatically become eager to learn.

2. Through Fun Games
As mentioned earlier, learning does not necessarily have to happen inside classrooms. It could come as a surprise as to how much one can learn even from simple games. One classic example is Monopoly. Games keep children engaged while learning happens simultaneously. Learning itself can be gamified and made interesting.

3. Encourage them to ask questions
Children are naturally curious. It is of great importance that we always pay attention to their questions and not disregard them as irrelevant questions. When children are presented with an encouraging environment like that they become more susceptible to learning new things.

4. Freedom of Choice
Children need to be kept in the driving seat for them to enjoy learning. When they get to have a say or choice in what they learn, they become more engrossed. This also helps them understand the importance of voice & choice from early on.

5. Compliment them
Appreciation in any form is very essential for the children to feel encouraged. This means appreciation not only when they perform well but also for their effort when they’re not able to achieve certain results. It’s perseverance that matters and they need to be made aware of that.