Shapes 19 Nov 2020

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Our world is made up of colors and shapes. Children try to understand their surroundings by looking at the differently shaped objects around them which are directly responsible for brain development. . These mental mapping of shapes play a crucial role in the development of analytical, life, and career skills and problem-solving abilities in children.

Why is teaching shapes important?

  • Help children learn how to organize visual information. Shapes help them identify things and objects and they can classify and differentiate them.
  • Help them identify letters and numbers, signs and symbols
  • Improves categorization and comparison skills
  • Facial recognition and navigation skills are swiftly developed among kids who can categorize and compare various shapes.
  • Shapes help in teaching basic mathematical concepts
  • Helps in teaching the concept of symmetry. They learn about placements, positioning, and overall motor skills.

But  ?How do we educate our children with various concepts of shapes and geometry? Is mere knowing the shape names or simply responding from memorizing the facts enough or we should focus on making connections using the various understanding and utilization of shapes and the interdisciplinary concepts in the curriculum and real-world context?

This is where Vega Schools, one of the best schools in Gurgaon, comes into play as it has adapted Problem-Based learning pedagogy to promote deeper learning and high-order thinking skills. They introduced the iLEAD program at the pre-nursery level which was developed by Dr. Steven Edwards, Co-Founder of Vega Schools-Prenursery school in Gurgaon. Vega Schools currently has admissions open for Nursery Admissions in Gurgaon

Let us now understand in detail how the i-lead Programme was utilized by the Learning leaders of Vega schools, to understand shapes and its importance.


Learners are introduced to shapes through a real-life example at Vega, one of the top schools in Gurugram. Learners were made to observe different objects in their surroundings and through presentation of various rooms and objects and asked to draw pictures of the same.

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