How to select the Right School for your Child

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How to select the Right School for your Child

We have been affected by the current Pandemic in all spheres of our lives.

With the closure of educational institutions all over the country, it is challenging for parents to select a ?Good ? school during a pandemic. The School they select now will be one they want to continue with even after the situation gets normal. Hence parents need to keep several important things in mind. 

Before we talk about school selection criteria, we would like to highlight the two key aspects that need to be considered while finalizing our criteria for a good school.

Our children: This Generation Z/Alpha children are much smarter and more advanced than those from the previous generation.  They have easy access to the internet and technologies like smartphones, tablets, social reach through many social media sites, and access to apps where they can create music, videos, and share them globally. They are growing up at a faster pace with an unlimited amount of information - all available with a click of a button. They have their own mind, way of learning, and are not afraid of saying ?No? if a subject (or teacher) doesn?t interest them. Parents need to provide them education that is equally fast-paced, easily accessible, encourage their curious creative mind, and help them collaborate with others internally and globally.

Real-world skills: Education that will align the children of a new world to develop skills required in our rapidly changing world. 
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to deal with failure
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving
  • Integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive flexibility
The new education policy (NEP 2020) recently introduced by the government of India aims to replace rote learning with multiple and progressive methods of learning. 

Keeping these two factors in mind, let?s discuss some things that need to be kept in mind while selecting a school for our children.

Our child?s need: Not every school is suitable for every child. This is THE most important criteria  ?what are my child?s needs, interests, strengths, learning styles and how will the school help him/her achieve those goals?. We need to ask some important questions: 

  • Is my child creative, likes the free play, or prefers to follow instructions?
  • Does my child require individualised/customised attention or will be happy in a larger size ?instructive? model of teaching?
  • Does my child learn better in a warm and caring environment? 
  • Does my child have any additional learning or special needs? 
  • Parents know their children the best therefore the school search needs to be child-centric. Some of the following research-based criteria (Visible learning - John Hattie) needs to be carefully considered while selecting a school: 
Warmth and emotional bond with the teacher: A good school is driven by great teachers. It?s time we look beyond a Teacher?s educational qualification and work experience and try to dig deeper. Are we ok to entrust our child to qualified teachers who don?t love and bond with children or have an empathetic compassionate teacher with a true passion for learning? Research confirms that our children learn the best when they have a warm connection with their teachers. 

To prepare our children for 21st-century skills we need teachers to serve as guides to mentor their students and not as ?I-know-it-all? sages whose job is to just pass on