Top 10 Skills That Children Will Need To Thrive At The Workplace Of The Future 19 Feb 2020

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As educators and parents, we are striving to prepare our children for the ?real world?. A world that exists beyond the comfort of our homes and the walls of the classrooms. While we are ensuring children learn how to read, write, memorize, count and calculate we are overlooking a large blind spot. In the not so distant future, almost 50% of the jobs of the world will vanish and many of the remaining jobs will evolve. The residual jobs shall require a very different range of skills. Therefore we need to urgently ensure our children develop these (less tangible but vital) skills.


Bridging the Gap between Academics and Job-readiness for the Workplaces of the Future


India is experiencing the highest unemployment rates in 45 years. India?s private sector is struggling to find entry-level talent. Recruiters and HR managers agree the main reason for the struggle we are witnessing today is the wide gap between theoretical knowledge and skills required for job readiness. True that India?s literacy levels have indeed increased over the last few years however more and more graduates are graduating with professional degrees and certificates without the right skills needed for the workplace.


Recently, in a shocking revelation, Tech Mahindra Chief Executive officer and Managing director C P Gurnani has said around 94 percent of IT Graduates are not eligible for jobs in big Indian IT companies. Annual Employability Survey 2019 by Aspiring Minds has revealed that 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy.


The situation is expected to worsen in the near future because educational institutions are not evolving with the needs of the times. We cannot predict with any level of accuracy as to what will lie ahead for our children. Employers, experts, and futurists are unable to predict what the specific needs of jobs of the future shall be. Fortunately, we can predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, the attitude, mindset, and skill-set that will make our children successful in a rapidly changing world.


These are the ten survival skills for the next 25 years. Let's take a look at each of these skills and find out how we can imbibe them in our children.

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