Benefits of smart classes and activity based learning

Sangam Agarwal

Sangam Agarwal, Vega School

Benefits of smart classes and activity based learning

In today’s ever changing society, everything from politics to social issues are looked from a critical lens. People have strong opinions on various subjects. So do our children. While few decades ago kids providing their opinion or educating their parents about certain topics would have been unusual, but nowadays it is considered to be normal behaviour. Therefore, inculcating critical thinking in our kids from the beginning is imperative.

What is critical thinking you may ask? In a nutshell, it is a mode of thinking objectively and skillfully by implementing logical and intellectual thought processes. It improves our decision making and enhances problem solving capabilities through refinements and research skills.

The question is how can schools spark critical thinking, especially from a young age?

Many of the best Schools in Gurgaon are utilising technology in the form of Smart Classes. Some of them are leveraging the technology through powerful visualizers, projectors,amplifiers, smartboards, and more to create an interactive learning experience. This increases the engagement factor and leads to better-performing students.

Teachers even includes smart games and puzzles into their teaching routines to stimulate the creativity of students. The students are also given opportunity to deep dive into the subject matters to understand even the most complex topics through simple animations and videos.

Children learn best when they learn by doing. This is exactly what we do in our Maths classes. In one of my classes, our students constructed hexagonal shapes on paper by using geometrical tools. Then we brought in a carpenter and asked him to cut the wooden logs into angled pieces. We asked all the students to join them into hexagonal structures. This was a very fun and engaging activity for the kids and simultaneously they were able to learn about the geometrical angles and how angled shapes are defined and constructed.

This is just one of the many examples through which every day our kids learn and enjoy mathematics. Another fun activity that I remember is teaching equivalent fractions through hop-scotch activity.

We can surely make our children future proof by proper use of technology and by proper engagement of children through activity based learning. The best cbse schools in Gurgaon realise this and are changing with the need of the times. The students are the biggest beneficiaries.