An inclusive school

March 16, 2023 Dr. Rachna Academics

An inclusive school

Inclusive education means that all learners are encouraged to play, learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of life at the school. Inclusive education is also about how schools develop and design their learning spaces and activities so that all learners are affirmed in their identity to learn and participate together. It means consciously identifying and removing barriers to learning and academic development. 

Some of the top Gurgaon’s Schools follow the culture of embracing diversity; they support methodical learning and leverage the learning experiences to focus on the individual student. They create an innovative environment with a collaborative approach. These tenets should ideally  apply to all the schools in Gurgaon. They should apply to all students regardless of economic status, gender, sexual orientation, racial or religious background, academic ability, or other facet of diversity. 

Any ‘best school in Gurgaon’ has to be an inclusive school. It must have the vision of inclusive education to enhance the development of value, respect and support for the learning and development of all students.

At Vega Schools, we are committed towards fostering an environment where all members of our community, namely students, faculty and staff, regardless of racial, ethnic, gender, religious identity, socio-economic status, ideology or other dimensions of experience and identity, feel welcomed, heard, and can fully participate.

At the heart of an inclusive school is a committed leadership and a shared direction.

  • An inclusive school acknowledges and affirms the cultural backgrounds of students and parents.
  • School leaders demonstrate a commitment to inclusive education practices and qualities as they work to ensure the school removes barriers to learning for all students.

  • The school has effective systems (which include consultation with students) for identifying the individual interests, strengths, learning and social needs, and next steps for each student.

  • Curriculum for all the classroom learning programs is planned to provide each student with learning experiences as per his or her interests, needs and goals. All the students take part in the full range of learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

  • With a collaborative professional learning and practice, teachers and specialist staff work together to support the individual learning needs of each student.

Inclusion is about making sure that the marginalized members of society are not only ‘told’ they are included but also ‘feel’ like they are.