Advantages of Enrolling Children in a CBSE School

Swati Saini, Vega Schools

India is a diverse and multicultural country. The Indian education system is complex and competitive. Just like everything in this competitive world comes with a variety, the same way there are many players in the Education system as well. The Selection for an education board can be a tough choice to make!

The year 2020 was a tipping point for the education industry which resulted in the large-scale adoption of technology. The common ‘chalk and talk’ method was replaced by self-paced learning and blended teaching methods.

It is imperative that we prepare our child for the changing times. Consider these aspects when deciding which board is best for the child: a selection that shapes the way teaching, learning and assessment processes are organized by addressing questions such as what, why, when and how students should learn.

There is no doubt that the Central Board of Secondary Education is the most competitive board in India. There are many major points which support CBSE far above in the Indian Education System.

The central board has evolved, thanks to the New Education Policy 2020, and places a greater emphasis on learning than on knowing things. Throughout each lesson, students are provided with fun exercises to evaluate their learning. Schools and teachers are also trained to make learning fun and easy for students, so learning becomes more effective.

CBSE Education is not merely about literacy and numeracy skills. It equips children with creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills. The sole aim of education is to nurture diverse minds. CBSE content is designed in such a way that the student’s foundation is very strong in Math's and science. So later in competitive exams, it becomes easy for students to crack the exams.

CBSE curriculum also helps teachers to go beyond books and:

  • Design various co-curricular activities

  • Utilize available resources wisely

  • Update evaluation systems

  • Manage time effectively

Project-based learning also supports the CBSE curriculum which helps students in collaborating and connecting with the community, be it at the local, state, national or global levels. The curriculum should challenge all students and provide for differentiation. The skills and contents are not taught as an end in themselves, but the students learn through their research and application in their projects.

The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are now adopting the CBSE curriculum along with research-driven pedagogies such as problem-based learning and exploration-based learning etc.