5 Key Reasons to Encourage Children to Read 14 Dec 2019

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Good news for the avid readers out there! We all know that reading is a superfood for a child?s brain, but did you know that reading and life expectancy are related? Research says that reading up to 2-3 hours per week can increase a life-span by as much as 2 years, and prevent the early onset of Alzheimer?s and Dementia (2016 study, Yale School of Public Health). Word power increase brain power Similar to the muscles of a child?s body, their brain also requires constant flexing, especially during their early years. Reading provides this. When they read they make connections and so does their brain. Thus, setting off a chain reaction of neurological links and stimulation leading to better focus, memory, and vocabulary. Makes children global citizens Books, both fiction and non-fiction, give information, expand a child?s knowledge and provide a context about diverse cultures, practices, and people. The more children will read, the more they will learn and understand. Lifts a child?s EQ through the roof Reading books, especially fiction, generates a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence in a child. It changes their perspective and enables them to walk a mile in another?s shoes. This is a valuable commodity in today?s world and workspaces. A stress buster Reading is undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of relaxation. When a child immerses themselves in a book and starts focusing on the characters and the plot, the world around them fades away. A good book can be the ideal remedy from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and demanding lifestyles children and young adults are expected to deal with today. Builds creativity Books, especially fiction and fantasy, enable children to think outside the box, narrate their story on their own terms and build a new world around them made up of words, new friends and magical places. Thus, it is clear that the greatest gift that we can give a child is to introduce them to the wonderful world of books and set them off on a journey of self-discovery and longevity.

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